Statement on an incident at Malabada, Ndirande :: We would like to assure our customers that the human dead body which was found in the chamber did not contaminate the water that we distribute to our customers. Investigations on the incident are underway and we will keep updating you. March 30, 2020      

Innovations - Online Applications

Complementing the manual process of collecting/downloading, filling and submitting application forms to BWB offices, now you can do all those things instantly on this website.

The following are the applications you can do here :

  • Water Connection (New Connection, Additional Meter, Re-application) Apply Now

  • Meter ShiftingApply Now

  • Change of OwnershipApply Now

  • Update Customer InformationUpdate Details

  • Stand Pipe ConnectionApply Now

The process and information required is the same as the that on the hardcopy application forms with a few changes added for convenience and compliance with legislative guidelines, for example:

  • If you have an email address, it is recommended to include it for easy communication on the processing of your application. But if not, a phone number is mandatory and will be used.

After filling the information and submitting, we provide you a summary of the information you provided in the application just in case you missed something. If not, just click Finish Application. On this page, you can also choose to View / Download the information you entered in the form of a PDF for your own future reference.


  • Water Connection Application Form Download

  • Meter Shifting Application Form Download

  • Customer Details Update Application Form Download

  • Change of Ownership Application Form Download

  • Stand Pipe Connection Application Form Download