Recalling of Domestic Prepaid Meters :: When you see our staff, having official identification and a letter, coming to your premises to replace prepaid meters with postpaid meters, welcome them and let them work freely. This is so as we are recalling most of the domestic prepaid water meters in our system to resolve design shortcomings which are impacting our performance. Be assured that once the technology issues are resolved and appropriate equipment is available, we will introduce the domestic prepaid meters into the system January 31, 2024      

Blantyre Water Board (BWB) and Blantyre City Council (BCC) have signed an implementation agreement document that will see the two collaboratively implement the Malawi Water and Sanitation Project-1 which aims to improve water and sanitation services in the city of Blantyre.

The signing ceremony took place yesterday 1st June 2023 at Ryalls Hotel in Blantyre.

Speaking during the signing ceremony, the Principal Secretary for the Ministry of Water and Sanitation Mr. Elias Chamulambe said that the signing means the begining of the implementation of the project which targets 330 thousand people to have improved water services, 100 thousand people to have improved sanitation services and up to 480 thousand people to have improved solid waste management.

"Most of the infrastructure under Blantyre Water Board is aged and therefore there is high non revenue water, we also have problems with sanitation in the city, the sewage system is not up to date but with this project we will have improved sewage systems and water services hence will be able to deal with problems such as Cholera". Said Chamulambe.

The Chief Executive Officer for BWB Dr. Robert Hanjahanja expressed his excitement for the partnership saying it is a move that will enhance the city's standards in as far as water and sanitation is concerned.

"For us as Blantyre Water Board we are bringing in new water tanks in the city, new pipelines, new pumps, new meters so it's all about water on our part. For Blantyre City Council they're doing improvements on sanitation side, rehabilitating sewage systems, pipelines and so on". He said.