Recalling of Domestic Prepaid Meters :: When you see our staff, having official identification and a letter, coming to your premises to replace prepaid meters with postpaid meters, welcome them and let them work freely. This is so as we are recalling most of the domestic prepaid water meters in our system to resolve design shortcomings which are impacting our performance. Be assured that once the technology issues are resolved and appropriate equipment is available, we will introduce the domestic prepaid meters into the system January 31, 2024      

Female employees of Blantyre Water Board have today 22nd December 2023 donated both food and non-food assorted items to maternity patients at Ndirande and Limbe Health Centres.

Speaking at the event, BWB women representative Lena Misiri, Projects Engineer under the Malawi Water and Sanitation Project - 1, said that the donation is one way of giving back to the community as well cheering up BWB customers in their time of need.

"These patients are our customers and as Blantyre Water Board we felt it wise to visit them especially during the festive season to cheer them up by giving different presents," she said.

Ndirande Health Centre Nurse in Charge, Jacqueline Kolove commended Blantyre Water Board women for the donation saying it will be of significance to the patients since they require a lot of basic needs.

"We are so excited receiving these gifts from Blantyre Water Board, these women are the ones that have just delivered and others waiting for the labour so they need a lot of supplies to take care of themselves and the baby," she said.

The donation which targeted 25 women from each health centre was worth 1 million kwacha.