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Customer Rights, Responsibilities and Obligations

To facilitate the provision of the services in a sustainable manner, we expect our customers to do the following;

  • - Pay your bills by due date. If your bill remains unpaid after the due date the service will be disconnected. You will be required to settle the outstanding bill plus a prescribed reconnection fee.

  • - Report an anomaly identified on your bill

  • - Facilitate easy access to meters for proper readings and billing.

  • - Raise complaints promptly. Update us with any changes made to customer and property details promptly.

  • - Avail all the information requested by the Board for the execution of service delivery.

  • - Verify your meter readings on your bill.

  • - Abide by the Bye-laws.

  • - Avoid collusions and compromises that would lead to defrauding the Board.

  • - Refrain from offering bribes, money or other favours to our staff for any services offered and/or to be offered.

  • - Report all incidences of corruption by our staff to the Board.

  • - Report all leaks and bursts promptly.

  • - Report vandalism and tampering of water pipelines, valves, water meters and other water infrastructure to BWB or nearest police station.

  • - Report illegal connections.

  • - Report all malpractices that ar deemed to have negative impact on servie provision and especially any illegal practices observed in the area.

  • - Provide adequate security for the meter located at your premises.

  • - Demand a receipt for every payment made for any service.

  • - Ask for an official identification of the Board’s staff where necessary.

  • - Avoid constructing over pipelines.

  • - Any potential customer is supposed to have a valid identification when applying for a new water connection service.

  • - Ensure that you have a valid identification when applying for a new connection.

  • - Ensure that you submit an application in writing enclosing a sketch map of the location when applying for new connection.