Tariff Framework for the next Three Years :: BWB water tariffs will be adjusted by 40% on June 01 2023; 50% on October 1 2023; and 10% for 2024 and 2025. This excludes Low Income areas serviced by Kiosks in support of the fight against the cholera outbreak and cyclone Freddy impact May 31, 2023      


Future Projects

1. Construction of new water source from Shire River

It should be mentioned that the Board will continue to strive to ensure that customers are provided with the best services possible in addition to increase in water supply. The Board is fully aware of the increase of population and demand in the City and the surrounding areas, and is taking up significant steps to ensure that water is available to meet such changes. For example, the Board is yet to embark on a big project to construct another new water source from Shire River which will have the capacity to produce 230 million litres per day by 2023. This project will include construction of a new water intake on Shire River, a water treatment plant, pumping stations, water tanks and pipelines to meet the projected demand of 230 million litres in 2040. The project will improve the socio-economic activities in the City and the surrounding areas through affordable water pricing and regular supply to people and all other customer categories. The total cost of the project is USD 165 million. The Board has already secured about USD 78 million from the EXIM Bank of India.

2.Construction of power generation plant

In addition to increasing water supply, the Board will construct its own power generation plant to run all its pumping stations to ensure affordable and uninterrupted water supply services. The project is expected to be implemented and commissioned by 2023. The initial funding to the tune of USD 72 million has already been identified from the EXIM Bank of India through the Government of Malawi. With this funding, the Board is planning to construct a power plant with a capacity of 30 Megawatts. The objective of the Board is to have a power plant of at least 50 Megawatt capacity to take care of all the additional stations to be added under the new water source project.

This project will greatly contribute to the improvement of water supply in the City and the surrounding areas as it will reduce the cost of producing water thereby ensuring affordable water tariffs. The project will also ensure uninterrupted water supply as power will be available all the time to run the stations.