Tariff Framework for the next Three Years :: BWB water tariffs will be adjusted by 40% on June 01 2023; 50% on October 1 2023; and 10% for 2024 and 2025. This excludes Low Income areas serviced by Kiosks in support of the fight against the cholera outbreak and cyclone Freddy impact May 31, 2023      

Innovations - Online Applications

Complementing the manual process of collecting/downloading, filling and submitting application forms to BWB offices, now you can do all those things instantly on this website.

The following are the applications you can do here :

  • Water Connection (New Connection, Additional Meter, Re-application) Apply Now

  • Meter ShiftingApply Now

  • Change of OwnershipApply Now

  • Update Customer InformationUpdate Details

  • Stand Pipe ConnectionApply Now

The process and information required is the same as the that on the hardcopy application forms with a few changes added for convenience and compliance with legislative guidelines, for example:

  • If you have an email address, it is recommended to include it for easy communication on the processing of your application. But if not, a phone number is mandatory and will be used.

After filling the information and submitting, we provide you a summary of the information you provided in the application just in case you missed something. If not, just click Finish Application. On this page, you can also choose to View / Download the information you entered in the form of a PDF for your own future reference.


  • Water Connection Application Form Download

  • Meter Shifting Application Form Download

  • Customer Details Update Application Form Download

  • Change of Ownership Application Form Download

  • Stand Pipe Connection Application Form Download