Request for Cooperation during joint Baseline Survey for MWSP-1 :: BWB requests cooperation from citizens in chosen areas for staff bearing identity cards from Hifa or New Dawn and an introduction letter from Blantyre Water Board as they collect data to be used in MWSP-1 project planning and implementation between November 2023 and April 2024 November 8, 2023      

Tip-Offs Anonymous

Customers and staff of Blantyre Water Board and the general public have a chance to report,through Tip-offs Anonymous Service, all cases of corruption, bribery, theft conflict of interest,fraud,illegal water connections,vandalism,nepotism.

People can report these malpractices through the numbers below and stand a chance of getting monetary rewards if their report turns out to be true upon completion of investigations.

Cell: 847 (TNM/Airtel) - toll free
Telephone: 8000 0847 (MTL) - toll free
Post: P.O. Box 1726, Blantyre- free post

A person will be required to provide the following details:

  1. - What happened
  2. - Who was involved
  3. - When and where the practice took place

A 4-5-digit number of one's choice which will be used to provide the person with a reward. Identification numbers for the reports worth rewarding will be published in the newspapers periodically for informers to claim their rewards.

Report any malpractice, make a call now!!

Rewards Anonymous

We are pleased to report that Management at BLANTYRE WATER BOARD has asked us to pay out rewards for reports that were received through Tip-offs Anonymous.

If you previously made a report and your secret reward code appears below, please contact Tip-offs Anonymous on the following numbers for further information.

Please note:
You will need to give your secret 4 or 5 digit number you put on your report and accurately describe what you wrote in the report you sent in.

Toll Free : 847 ( AIRTEL & TNM)
Toll Free: 8000 0847 (MTL)

Thank you to all who have sent in reports!


02553 55341 66571 77077 666666 92641
39868 19869 69540 624052 02302 19830
21981 42325 19872 19835 11224 01301
99200 51268 40747 88088 24689 20041
40747 19845 11976 19855 72789 09417
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