Recalling of Domestic Prepaid Meters :: When you see our staff, having official identification and a letter, coming to your premises to replace prepaid meters with postpaid meters, welcome them and let them work freely. This is so as we are recalling most of the domestic prepaid water meters in our system to resolve design shortcomings which are impacting our performance. Be assured that once the technology issues are resolved and appropriate equipment is available, we will introduce the domestic prepaid meters into the system January 31, 2024      


Posted on 20 May, 2023

BWB Awarded Best Service Provider Exhibitor for 2023 Trade Fair

Blantyre Water Board has been awarded as the Best Service Provider Exhibitor for the ongoing Malawi Trade Fair.

This happened last night during the official dinner hosted by the Malawi Chamber of Commerce as part of the fair.

According to the chamber, the winner of this category, best service provider exhibitor "… demonstrated outstanding dedication to showcase to attendees the need for a collective effort in ensuring that there is seamless delivery of a service that is critical to human survival. The exhibitor went an extra mile to educate through a demonstration, attendees, why it is important to conserve the environment in ensuring the delivery of their service that is equated to life itself…"

Winners were as follows:

  1. Best Manufacturer Exhibitor
  2. Best International Exhibitor: Mill Creation from Kenya
  3. Best Exporter Exhibitor: Illovo
  4. Best SME Exhibitor: SMEDI
  5. Best Service Provider Exhibitor: BWB
  6. Best Overall Exhibitor: EGENCO

We at BWB, are grateful for the rare recognition. Our passion to serve the people of Blantyre does not falter and we will continue to press on and contribute to a better Malawi.

To BWB staff who are tireless in their efforts and a big shout out to the BWB team at the trade fair grounds, well done!

All glory to God