Recalling of Domestic Prepaid Meters :: When you see our staff, having official identification and a letter, coming to your premises to replace prepaid meters with postpaid meters, welcome them and let them work freely. This is so as we are recalling most of the domestic prepaid water meters in our system to resolve design shortcomings which are impacting our performance. Be assured that once the technology issues are resolved and appropriate equipment is available, we will introduce the domestic prepaid meters into the system January 31, 2024      
Get reconnected in the Back to Life Campaign image

Get reconnected in the Back to Life Campaign

If you were disconnected, get your water supply back by signing Back to Life Campaign forms and get reconnected

There are a number of customers who were disconnected or had their pipes uprooted a long time ago, but for various reasons they did not come back to settle their accounts. The good news is that the Board has embarked on a campaign to bring back all customers whose accounts were disconnected or pipes were uprooted a long time back. Those customers may come forward to make arrangements for restoration of their water supply. The campaign runs from 1st April, 2019 to 30th June, 2019. During this period, customers will enter into a financial agreement with the Board for a repayment period of up to a maximum of 24 months. After which their water supply will be restored while at the same time settling their outstanding debt. Customers who are interested to come back to life may visit the Board’s Zone Offices at the places below to complete the Back to Life Agreement Forms. They should bring with them their water account number and their Personal Identification (ID). • Soche Zone next to Malawi Housing Head Office • Kabula Zone along Magalasi Road near KAMU Events offices • Limbe Zone in Lorhno House along Churchill Road