Recalling of Domestic Prepaid Meters :: When you see our staff, having official identification and a letter, coming to your premises to replace prepaid meters with postpaid meters, welcome them and let them work freely. This is so as we are recalling most of the domestic prepaid water meters in our system to resolve design shortcomings which are impacting our performance. Be assured that once the technology issues are resolved and appropriate equipment is available, we will introduce the domestic prepaid meters into the system January 31, 2024      
  • Water Interruption Notice (2 Sept 2021) - Cleaning of Chirimba Tank September 1, 2021

  • the cleaning of the tank will lead to no water situations in the following areas:- Magalasi, Nyambadwe Lower, Chapima Heights, Likhubula, Kameza Gulliver, Chirimba Main, Chirimba Industrial, Kameza Village, Namatete and Matabi
  • Other Notices